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A Note from Our President

A Note from Our President

This past year, the women of Zeta Beta chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma  at Lafayette College, left their mark through their demonstrated perseverance, diligence, and dedication to reach their goals. Our Vice President of Academic Excellence and Philanthropy Chair will share how our chapter excelled in the classroom and within the community, but their successes do not just stop here. Our leadership on campus illustrated some of our most notable accomplishments: Kappas are truly pioneers here on College Hill. I am a sister to the founders of Women in Law, the president of Finance Club, the Newspaper editor, Economic Honors Society inductees, the winner of the most valuable member of the Executive Board of Student Government, Kappa National Scholarship recipients, students abroad, orientation leaders, and athletes with Patriot League accolades. This is only a fraction of what these women accomplished this year, and all of these successes occurred even with half of our spring semester taken away from us.

These achievements make Kappas distinguished members of the Lafayette student body. But the best part is when our leaders come together as one. Whether it be through inviting speakers to attend our chapter meetings and present a program or discuss a pressing topic, Zeta Beta is always looking for new ways to learn and grow as a sisterhood. Even within our own Chapter Council, our sisters have worked to help better our community within Kappa and within Lafayette’s campus overall. This fall, our previous Risk Management officer, Renna Thomas, organized a body image panel of nutritionists and therapists, where every sorority was invited to discuss and learn more about how women can support one another to diminish the pressure that our society places on physical appearances. This summer after the tragic death of George Floyd, our chapter came together and held meaningful and engaging talks to educate ourselves and learn how we can better foster a diverse and inclusive community. Our chapters’ diversity and inclusion committee created a series of steps we are pledging to take as a chapter including, growing our diversity and inclusion committee, implementing education for our members, supporting black-owned businesses in Easton, and more. However, we are aware that our education does not end there. The horrific death of George Floyd brought a new level of engagement within our sisterhood to challenge and inspire one another.

These experiences we share among us are a constant reminder of why I joined this sorority and  am so honored to be the president of this organization. Even with COVID19 separating us from our sisters, we have remained a tight knit community by continuing Chapter Council meetings and chapter meetings every Sunday. We have also remained connected by posting pictures of memories with our sisters every Monday (“memory Monday”), to remind each other of our Zeta Beta bond. The connection that we have as a chapter has only grown stronger even while we’ve been socially distanced, but we’re looking forward to being reunited as soon as possible!


Liza Thompson